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Testing Gosky Piper Monocular Telescope (With Pictures!)

As an adventurous father of three boys, our family weekends are packed with activities ranging from traveling to hiking, and the ever-fascinating bird watching. Having the right gear to complement these experiences can significantly enhance our bonding moments and make our adventures more enjoyable. Among all the gadgets we own, one item has proven itself to be a game changer - the Gosky Piper Monocular Telescope.

Introduction: Why I Choose the Gosky Piper Monocular Telescope?

Our desire to bring our boys closer to nature, to help them see beyond the ordinary, sparked our quest for a device that can capture even the finest details of our natural surroundings. The Gosky Piper Monocular Telescope stood out as the perfect fit for our family. Not only does it amplify the thrill of bird watching, but it also enhances our travels and hiking experiences.

Why I Choose the Gosky Piper Monocular Telescope


Unlocking Visual Wonders with Gosky Piper's Magnification

The Gosky Piper Monocular Telescope offers 12x55 high power magnification, bringing objects twelve times closer than the naked eye can see. This transformative feature enhances the simplest views, turning them into extraordinary spectacles, making it perfect for observing detailed patterns on bird's plumage or the intricate textures of hiking terrains from a distance.

Expansive Field of View: A Game Changer

Equipped with a 55mm objective lens, the Gosky Piper broadens our view to a remarkable 352ft at 1,000 yards. This wide perspective makes it easier for beginners to locate subjects and delivers an immersive experience. During bird-watching, it allows for the appreciation of an entire flock in flight, offering a sense of scale and wonder.

The Gosky Piper Monocular Telescope is more than a tool; it's a passport to a world of enhanced discovery and wonder, even for novices in the world of monoculars.

Expansive Field of View


Quality of Optics: FMC Lens and BAK-4 Prism

The optical quality of this monocular is superb, thanks to the 18mm BAK-4 optics prism and FMC (Fully Multi-Coating) lens. The high light transmittance and minimal light reflection guarantee clear, sharp images, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature.

FMC Lens and BAK-4 Prism


Built for Adventure: Lightweight and IPX7 Waterproof Design

With our adventurous spirit and active lifestyle, the Gosky Piper Monocular Telescope's lightweight and waterproof design perfectly meet our needs. Its IPX7 Nitrogen-filled design ensures that it is resistant to water, fog, dust, and shock. It's always ready for any weather conditions, just like us.

Enhancing the Experience: Long Eye-Relief and Twist-Up Eyecup

Comfort is paramount when observing nature for extended periods. The Gosky Piper Monocular Telescope's twist-up eyecup, which provides long eye relief, ensures a comfortable watching experience. This thoughtful feature makes our outdoor activities even more enjoyable.

Embracing Technology: The Smartphone Adapter

One of the most exciting features of this monocular is the smartphone adapter. It has transformed the way we capture our adventures, allowing us to take HD images right from the monocular. With our smartphones connected, we can see where the monocular is pointing and adjust the focus wheel as necessary, making it an interactive and engaging experience for the boys.

The Pros and Cons

Here are some key pros and cons of the Gosky Piper Monocular Telescope:


  • High magnification power (12x) for great detail

  • Premium FMC lens and BAK-4 Prism for clear images

  • Lightweight and IPX7 waterproof design for durability and portability

  • Smartphone adapter for capturing HD images

  • Long eye-relief for a comfortable viewing experience


  • It may take some time to adjust the focus wheel accurately

  • Smartphone adapter might be challenging to use for first-timers

High magnification power


In The Words Of Many Of My Friends

The Gosky Piper Monocular Telescope is a definite keeper. It’s solid construction, impressive optical clarity, and the ease of use. Some mentioned it as "the right weight, size, brightness, ease of focus and accuracy of focus." They also appreciated the smartphone adapter's functionality, noting that it's "quite simple" to use once you get the hang of it.

From My Point Of View

Our family adventures have been significantly enriched with the Gosky Piper Monocular Telescope. It's not just a gadget; it's a window into the extraordinary beauty of the natural world that surrounds us. If you love nature and outdoor adventures as much as we do, you'll find this monocular telescope to be an excellent companion.

Here Are Some More Reviews and Details I Found Online

Helpful review: "I was looking for a good, compact, high power monocular, I had to give it a try.My first impression was of the impressive light gathering capacity of the 50mm ocular. The image is bright, sharp and clear right out to the edges. It's easy to align your eye with the image. The tight smoothness of the focusing mechanism is first rate. This is really a solid useful product. Everyone that has used it has commented on how handy and clear it is and just enough not to drag out the big spotter! I have taken some great nature pictures, but mostly use for bird pics. I use this with a tripod" - Linlin Zhai
The Gosky Piper Monocular Telescope


Get it from Amazon now: $116.09 & FREE Returns

Trending review: "I needed to find a single eyepiece tool to use alongside my camera which is the reason I chose this monocular. While I was skeptical at first, the Gosky 12x55 is a wonderful addition to my birding toolkit! Not only is it sharp and easy to hold, the focusing ring is so easy to use with one finger. I love it! This is such a great monocular. And on top of that, when I didn't have my professional camera with me, I managed to get some fantastic shots with the iPhone adaptor that allows you to shoot through the monocular (see attached photos). What a great device. Good price, too!" - Metaman
Gosky 12x55 is a wonderful

Credit: Amazon

Get it from Amazon now: $116.09 & FREE Returns

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