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Stargazing Memories From Garden Of The Gods Park

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

As a father, I find immense joy in sharing my passion for stargazing with my boys, and one of our favorite spots for this pursuit is the magnificent Garden of The Gods Park. Nestled away from the city's hustle and bustle, this place offers us a clear, uninterrupted view of the Colorado Springs' night sky. The luminous stars scattered across the inky canvas above us provide an unforgettable spectacle.

Stargazing Memories From Garden Of The Gods Park

What Time Can I Visit the Garden of the Gods?

The beauty of the Garden of the Gods park is accessible almost all day and year-round, ensuring you ample opportunity to plan your visit. From May to October, the park remains open from 5 am until 10 pm. As the days shorten and temperatures drop from November to April, the timings are slightly adjusted, and the park is open from 5 am to 9 pm. The early morning and late evening hours present the chance to witness the glorious sunrises and sunsets that the park is famed for, along with the added opportunity to partake in some memorable stargazing.

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What Time of Day is Best for Photos at Garden of the Gods?

As a photographer, you might ask when the best light is for capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of the Garden of the Gods. To capture the red rocks glowing in the soft light, early mornings and late afternoons are ideal times. As the sun rises or sets, it casts long shadows and warm hues on the rock formations, presenting stunning contrasts and depth in your photographs. Remember, patience and perseverance are keys to getting the best shots, as the lighting conditions change swiftly during these golden hours.

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Can You Sleep at Garden of the Gods?

While the thought of spending a night under the stars at the Garden of the Gods may be tempting, overnight stays within the park are not permitted. However, there are several camping grounds and lodging options in nearby areas. You could choose from a range of accommodations to suit your preferences, from quaint bed-and-breakfast inns to comfortable hotels. So, while you might not sleep within the park's boundaries, you'll certainly find a cozy spot nearby to rest after a day of exploring.

Does Garden of the Gods Cost Anything?

One of the great things about the Garden of the Gods park is that admission is absolutely free. This is thanks to the generosity of Charles Elliot Perkins, whose family donated the land to Colorado Springs with the condition that it remains a free public park. So, you can explore the majestic rock formations, take in the captivating views, and enjoy the natural beauty of the park without any fees. However, keep in mind that while entry is free, certain activities and facilities within the park may have associated costs.

Can You Climb at Garden of the Gods?

Yes, climbing is indeed allowed at the Garden of the Gods. The park is home to some impressive rock formations, attracting climbers of varying skill levels from around the globe. However, there are certain rules to ensure both your safety and the preservation of the park. For example, technical rock climbing requires registration at the Visitor & Nature Center, and the park strictly enforces rules like not climbing alone and wearing proper safety gear. It's important to follow these guidelines and respect the natural environment while enjoying your climbing adventure.

How Long Does It Take to Walk Around the Garden of the Gods?

The amount of time it takes to walk around the Garden of the Gods varies, as the park offers several trails of different lengths and difficulties. The Perkins Central Garden Trail, for instance, is a paved, wheelchair-accessible 1.5-mile loop that takes about an hour to complete at a leisurely pace. Other trails, like the more challenging Ridge Trail or Siamese Twins Trail, may take longer. Overall, you can expect to spend anywhere from one hour to half a day exploring the park, depending on your interests and physical fitness.

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Can You See Stars from Garden of the Gods?

Absolutely! The Garden of the Gods provides a wonderful opportunity for stargazing. Far enough away from the city lights of Colorado Springs, the park's night sky unveils a spectacular display of stars on clear nights. The dramatic silhouette of the towering rock formations set against the starry backdrop creates an unforgettable sight. It's a wonderful place to connect with the cosmos and ponder the mysteries of the universe. Just remember to check the park's timings and guidelines for night visits.

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Our Memory From Garden of The Gods

I remember one evening, the snowy summit of Pike's Peak shimmered mysteriously in the darkness, set against a backdrop of bold boulders. The stars seemed to dance across the sky, making the constellation patterns appear alive. We breathed in the fresh mountain air, let our eyes wander the endless expanse, and allowed the night sky to capture our hearts and minds.

When the dawn approached, we were greeted by an equally stunning view. The brilliant red rock formations cut through the early morning blue sky, offering a stark contrast to the serene stillness of the night before. The beauty of the natural world, in both darkness and light, was truly a sight to behold.

Our visits to the park have always been enchanting, regardless of the time of year. During May to October, the park stays open from 5am to 10pm, and between November to April, it's open from 5am to 9pm. If you plan on visiting for some late-night stargazing like we often do, make sure to check the permitting details at It's definitely worth the little extra effort to create those precious, starlit memories with your loved ones.

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