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Is The 130EQ Newtonian Reflector Actually The Best Telescopes?

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

This Newtonian Reflector Telescope provides excellent resolution, good light collecting abilities, brighter imaging, and is ideal for studying deep space celestial objects. Here are several hands-on reviews to prove you'll have no trouble stargazing like a true pro!


A sturdy and light frame structure is used in the telescope, the telescope surface is covered with carbon fiber, a sophisticated technology. With fully-coated glass optics, the objective lens improves optical performance of astronomical telescopes, helping you observe brighter, more detailed planets.

Helpful Review:

“This was my first telescope and must I say it's a big boy lol. It was decently simple to put together, the stand is very light weight and very adjustable. (All aluminum). The scope itself is just the motor... And it's got power, but the power is useless unless it has somewhere to go.. and having the proper lenses and eye pieces is truly the key to actually seeing clearly what you're trying to see. For beginners: using a manual telescope like this is good practice to get the hang of what it actually takes to view the cosmos. We don't think about it, but in looking at space objects, even the moon, you are literally "chasing" the objects in the night sky. We don't think about it, but the earth is always spinning and moving and thus, the objects your trying to see are also in constant slow motion, so be ready to constantly adjust the scope in micro adjustments. It's pretty fun actually but can be annoying if your still new to all this. Love the scope, love the stand, love the set up and the look. This scope can do so much more if only it's paired with the right array different lenses and sizes. It truly does make the difference between a foggy or fuzzy image vs a perfectly clear and correct distance. The scope set up is pretty big so be sure to have some space available when you use it in your home or yard. I'd also recommend getting a travel case as this setup doesn't have anything to protect it when traveling. (I just saved all the packaging/boxes it shipped with and carefully put each piece back in it's package and kept it safe from being damaged that way.” - Natemanr

Get it from Amazon now: $326.99 & FREE Returns

130EQ Newtonian Reflector telescope

Reassuring Review:

“Hello, This telescope is good for beginners, easy to assemble, Works perfect, Not moving parts when u use, Easy to rotate or precise to location where u wanna see, good filter for moon brightness, only problem I see not very very powerful but still working good Thanks” - David P Bricker

Get it from Amazon now: $326.99 & FREE Returns

All 130eq Newtonian Reflector Telescopes Features

  • 130mm Large Aperture- Large aperture 130mm telescope, high resolution, good light collecting ability, imaging brighter, more suitable for the observation of deep space celestial objects.

  • High Quality Optics- The telescope adopts a sturdy and light frame structure, the carbon fiber was covered on the telescope surface, and sophisticated technology. Objective lens features fully-coated glass optics, it can improve the optical system performance of astronomical telescopes, help you observe brighter, more detailed planets.

  • German Equatorial Mount- German Equatorial with dial and fine-tuned control cables. Adjust rod to desired position, then easily secure by tightening knob. Precise positioning and fast tracking of celestial bodies make your observation more stable. You can enjoy the amazing process of manual tracking of the moon and planets.

  • Stable Tripod- The telescope comes with a high-quality large diameter adjustable aluminum alloy tripod. Extra a tray is attached for storing small temporary attachments. The tripod stable structure enables you to Locate celestial objects smoothly and accurately.

  • Multiple Accessories- Come with 2 High-quality Eyepieces, a 1.5X Erecting Barlow Lens, a 1.25" 13% Transmission Moon Filter, a Cell Phone Adapter. The telescope contains all the accessories you need to observe.

This is my first telescope! And I am Very Happy With It!

When I set out to find my first telescope, I had a clear goal in mind - something that was beyond entry-level but wouldn't break the bank. That's when I discovered the Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ, and it has exceeded my expectations.

Here's why I highly recommend it:

Easy Setup and User-Friendly Design

  • Setting up the Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ was a breeze. Within no time, I had it assembled and ready to go. The collapsible tripod adds to the convenience, making storage hassle-free.

Simple Collimation and Equatorial Mount Enjoyment

  • Collimating the telescope was a straightforward process, and it ensured optimal performance. Though adjusting the viewfinder took some practice, after a few sessions, I was able to set up the telescope within 15 minutes. I must say, I'm thoroughly enjoying the equatorial mount feature!

Quality Eyepieces and Potential for Upgrades

  • The included eyepieces are serviceable, but as a hobbyist, I know there is potential for finding higher-end eyepieces in the future. It's great to have room to grow and enhance my viewing experience.

Impressive Performance in Various Environments

  • Despite some light pollution in the city where I live, the Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ didn't disappoint. I've been able to observe the planets, including distant Uranus, with the 10mm lens. However, my best viewings have been from my suburban area, where the darker skies have allowed me to see the stunning details of objects like the Orion Nebula.

Phone Mount for Astrophotography

  • The included phone mount is a useful addition. While figuring out how to use your phone camera with it might take some trial and error, once you get the hang of it, capturing decent pictures of planets and stars becomes a possibility.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with the Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ. It strikes the perfect balance between quality and affordability, making it an excellent choice for beginners who want more than just an entry-level telescope. Don't hesitate to explore the wonders of the universe with this remarkable telescope.

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