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Stargazing Excellence: My Review On The GSkyer 80mm AZ

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

In astronomy and stargazing field, the right equipment can make all the difference.

The GSkyer 80mm AZ Refractor Telescope is one such piece of equipment that has significantly enhanced my celestial explorations. This review will delve into my experience with this telescope, covering aspects such as assembly, design, optical performance, accessories, and customer service.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Right from the moment I unboxed the GSkyer 80mm AZ Refractor Telescope, I was impressed. The packaging was secure and well-organized, ensuring that all the components arrived in perfect condition. The assembly process was straightforward, with clear instructions that made the setup a breeze even for a novice like me.

Unboxing GSkyer 80mm AZ Refractor Telescope

Credit: Amazon

Design and Build Quality

The design and build quality of this telescope is truly commendable. It has a sleek and professional look that adds to the overall aesthetic of my study. The sturdy construction promises durability, and the adjustable tripod provides stability, ensuring that the telescope stays in place during observations.

GSkyer 80mm AZ Refractor Telescope

Credit: Amazon

Optical Performance

When it comes to optical performance, the GSkyer 80mm AZ Refractor Telescope truly shines. The 80mm aperture allows for excellent light gathering capability, providing bright and clear images. Whether I was stargazing or bird watching, the images were always crisp and detailed. The high-resolution glass optics and multi-layer coating further enhance the viewing experience.

The Moon through GSkyer 80mm AZ Refractor Telescope

Credit: Amazon

Accessories And Features

The telescope comes with a host of useful accessories and features. The smartphone adapter is a fantastic addition, allowing me to capture the stunning views on my phone. The adjustable eyepieces offer different magnification levels, catering to various viewing requirements. The finder-scope is another valuable feature that aids in locating objects more efficiently.

GSkyer 80mm AZ Refractor Telescope

Credit: Amazon

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

GSkyer 80mm AZ Refractor Highlights:

I've found its quality and value unrivaled in the world of amateur astronomy, here is my highlights:

  • Easy Assembly: The GSkyer 80mm AZ Refractor Telescope comes with clear instructions, making the setup process straightforward and user-friendly.

  • Superior Build Quality: The telescope boasts a sleek design and sturdy construction, ensuring durability and stability during use.

  • Impressive Optical Performance: With an 80mm aperture, high-resolution glass optics, and multi-layer coating, the telescope provides bright, clear, and detailed images.

  • Useful Accessories: The telescope includes a range of accessories such as a smartphone adapter, adjustable eyepieces, and a finderscope, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

  • Excellent Customer Service: GSkyer's responsive and helpful customer service team goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Great Investment: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced stargazer, the GSkyer 80mm AZ Refractor Telescope is a fantastic investment that promises to elevate your stargazing experience.

Top Reviews By Satisfied Customers

Helpful review: "This telescope set is great for beginners for astronomy. The material quality is great and it comes with three different eyepiece and a 3x magnifier. The set is very easy to build and the manual is great to follow with both English and Chinese instructions. One thing it could improve on is to include when we should use which eyepiece, and I needed to Google it to find out the information. It does take good pictures with the phone piece" - Helena

Get it from Amazon now: $214.95 & FREE Returns

GSkyer 80mm AZ Refractor Telescope in my living room

Credit: Amazon

Trending review: "We bought this for our 22-year-old son who is graduating college and became interested in astronomy when he took a course, so while he knows a little bit, he's not that sure of himself yet, and after reading reviews we thought this would be the perfect starter telescope for him. It was very easy to assemble out of the box and he had it up on the tripod and ready to see some "rings of Saturn" (his words) in about 10 minutes. However, he knew it was cloudy where we lived and there would be no rings that night, anyway. That was not a deterrent to him finding out what the lens could focus on, and so he took it on our front porch and focused it as far away as he could across the street from our house, which turned out to be a bird perching on the lights for the high school football stadium, which is a QUARTER MILE from our house! I thought that alone was pretty impressive (see photo). He has since returned to college and been out to look at stars, is overcome with amazement and what he can see, and I'm waiting for him to upload some pictures to us any time. It IS easy to mount an iPhone to this telescope, and according to him, that is one of the primary reasons he loves this scope. Keep in mind it's his first, though. I do believe this is a quality telescope, though, having looked through it myself and seen reviews and done the research, and I know he'll use it carefully and enjoy it for many years." - HotFlashV

Get it from Amazon now: $214.95 & FREE Returns

GSkyer 80mm AZ Refractor Telescope

Credit: Amazon

Reassuring review: "I bought this telescope for my daughter after watching her struggle to take decent pictures of the moon with her cellphone. I wanted something that would allow her to explore the night sky, and had the capacity to capture photos of the moon. The GSkyer telescope proved to be exactly what I was looking for! There was a small learning curve that came with the Telescope. For the average person, there is an adjustment period of having to learn the lenses and how to tune the scope to see things. However, after playing around, we quickly learned which lenses worked best for distant and closer objects. This telescope has been a fantastic companion for moon gazing. We have used it both in the daytime and at night (see photos) and have been successful in capturing beautiful photos of the moon, thanks to it's cellphone attachment capabilities. Besides the moon, which you can see clearly with the 25mm, 10mm, or 5mm lenses, you can also use the scope to look at planets, such as Venus and Jupiter, when they make an appearance in the sky. You're not able to get as much clarity as with the moon, but it's still interesting to get closer than the naked eye. I would say this is a great beginner telescope for both youth and adults who are interested in moon gazing and exploring the night sky"- Moises Guzman

Get it from Amazon now: $214.95 & FREE Returns

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the GSkyer 80mm AZ Refractor Telescope is a high-quality, user-friendly, and reliable device that delivers exceptional performance. Its thoughtful design, impressive optical capabilities, and excellent customer service make it a standout choice for anyone interested in astronomy. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced stargazer, this telescope is a fantastic investment that promises to elevate your stargazing experience.

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6 days ago

Thanks for this fantastic review! The GSkyer 80mm AZ Refractor sounds like a great option for beginners and seasoned stargazers alike. Your description of the easy assembly and sturdy build quality is really encouraging. I’m in a city with quite a bit of light pollution—do you have any tips or tricks for getting the best views in an urban setting???

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