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Cooling Down with the EFIC235 Nugget Ice Maker

As a father of three, there's nothing I appreciate more than gadgets that simplify life in my kitchen. The EFIC235 Countertop Crunchy Chewable Nugget Ice Maker, with its impressive capabilities, has indeed become one of those much-cherished appliances in my home. I got this machine primarily to keep our drinks chilled during our family gatherings. And now, almost a year into using it, I'm here to share my own experiences about this fantastic ice maker.

EFIC235 Nugget Ice Maker

Getting to Know the EFIC235

The EFIC235 Nugget Ice Maker is more than just a compact device! Believe me, this little appliance, with its refined exterior, houses a powerhouse within, boasting several features that have made it an essential part of our kitchen. Now my friends, let's dive a bit deeper into the specifics:

  • Compact, Lightweight and Portable: The EFIC235, with its petite dimensions (12 x 17 x 19 inches) and lightweight design (just 19 pounds), takes up minimal counter space and can be easily moved around. Its compactness makes it ideal for various situations, from home use to outdoor camping and even RV travel.

  • Efficient and Powerful: Despite its small size, this ice maker is a real workhorse. It's capable of producing an impressive 44 lbs. of ice per day, effortlessly catering to our family's daily ice needs and beyond.

  • High-quality Ice Output: One feature that sets the EFIC235 apart from other ice makers is the unique ice it produces. We get soft, crunchy nuggets - the kind that floats dreamily in our drinks, making each sip an absolute delight. The ice nuggets are also perfect for those in the family who love to munch on ice.

  • Ease of Use: The EFIC235 is incredibly user-friendly. It requires no complicated installation – you simply fill the reservoir, plug the ice maker into a grounded electrical outlet, and you're all set. Plus, its quick operation and easy-to-use interface make it a breeze for anyone in the family to use.

  • Smart Design: What I particularly appreciate about this ice maker is its smart design. If we're not quick enough to bag the ice and store it in the freezer, the ice melts and recycles back into the reservoir. This feature not only saves water but also ensures a constant supply of fresh ice.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing: The EFIC235’s sleek, stainless steel finish complements our kitchen decor wonderfully. Its clean, modern look adds an attractive touch to the kitchen space.

  • Backlit Features: This ice maker comes with a backlit feature that enhances its usability, especially in low-light conditions. This thoughtful addition shows the makers' attention to user convenience and experience.

  • Reliability: In my experience so far, the EFIC235 has shown excellent reliability. We've had no issues, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone who loves ice-cold drinks or simply wants to nibble on ice bits.

So listen up - the EFIC235 Nugget Ice Maker is compact yet mighty, seamlessly blending aesthetics, performance, and user convenience. It's an appliance that has exceeded our family's needs and expectations.

Frigidaire Ice Maker

Assessing the Ice-Making Speed

In terms of speed, the EFIC235 is a quick worker. It surprises us every time with its ability to churn out the first nugget of ice within 10-15 minutes. It's particularly handy during our impromptu family gatherings or on a hot summer day when we all crave a cold, refreshing drink.

Continuous Operation: Yay or Nay?

My family and friends are curious about the continuous operation of the EFIC235 Nugget Ice Maker. Can it run all day, and if so, how well does it perform? Based on my experience with this appliance, I can confidently share both the benefits and drawbacks of its continuous operation.

Ice Maker


Uninterrupted Supply: First and foremost, the EFIC235 can indeed operate continuously without any issue. We leave our ice maker on throughout the day, and it constantly churns out the delicious nugget ice we've grown fond of.

Automatic Recycle: The EFIC235 has an intelligent feature where it recycles melted ice. Any ice that melts inside the machine drains back into the water reservoir and is made back into fresh ice. This automated recycling process ensures there's always a supply of ice, eliminating the need for constant refilling.

Freshness: The recycling feature also means the ice is always fresh. There's no stale or old ice as any unused ice melts and is reformed. The constant cycle ensures you're always getting freshly made nugget ice.

Energy Efficient: Despite running all day, the EFIC235 is quite energy efficient. It doesn't consume excessive electricity, making it cost-effective for continuous operation.


Possible Wear and Tear: As with any appliance, continuous operation might lead to wear and tear over time. It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions on care and maintenance to ensure longevity.

Cleaning Requirements: If you're running the machine continuously, you'll likely need to clean it more frequently to keep it in top condition and ensure hygienic ice production. However, the EFIC235 comes with an easy cleaning procedure, which makes the job less tedious.

Noise: Like most ice makers, the EFIC235 does emit a noise during operation. While it isn't overly loud, you might find the constant humming noticeable if you prefer a quiet environment.

Sp let me sum it all up for you, the EFIC235 Nugget Ice Maker performs well in continuous operation, providing an uninterrupted supply of fresh, crunchy nugget ice. The benefits clearly outweigh the minor inconveniences, making it a great choice for ice lovers. As with any appliance, the key to longevity and optimal performance is regular maintenance and cleaning.

Weighing the Cost: Is It Worth It?

Considering its performance and convenience, is the Nugget ice maker worth it? Absolutely. It's a time-saver, and the quality of ice it produces significantly enhances our beverage experience. Yes, there are other ice makers in the market, but none have matched the ice quality and efficiency of the EFIC235.

Ice Maker In kitchen

Examining the Ice Capacity

This machine has a high capacity bin that can hold up to 3 lbs. of ice at a time, which is more than enough for our family of five. The fact that it can produce up to 44 lbs. of ice per day is simply mind-blowing. We've never had to worry about running out of ice, even during our large family parties.

The EFIC235’s Impact on My Kitchen

The EFIC235 has had a transformative impact on our kitchen and lifestyle. Our drinks taste better, and our guests are always intrigued by the quality of ice we serve. Besides, it's opened up new possibilities for us, from creating cool summer dishes to experimenting with various beverages.

In summary, the EFIC235 Nugget Ice Maker is a valuable addition to any kitchen. It delivers on its promise of quick, efficient ice-making, and its ease of use is a major bonus. Although it had its share of hiccups around the one-year mark, the protection plan offered by the company makes it a relatively risk-free purchase. My advice? Go for it but remember to invest in the protection plan. This gadget not only promises convenience but also guarantees a constant supply of your favorite crunchy nugget ice to keep your beverages perfectly chilled.

Ice Cubes

I Found Some Online Reviews About This Product, You Might Find It Helpful

"Buy it!!!!! Nugget ice like Sonics ice" "It’s small chewy ice just like sonic that we all love. Machine is easy to use and hook up. I use bottled water to fill mine. It is a little noisy when it is making the ice but is quiet after that. I’ve officially only went to using it instead of my ice maker in the fridge!" - Amanda D. Smith

Get it from Amazon now: $299.99 & FREE Returns

Ice cubes
"Wife and I love this machine!" "Due to our refrigerator being a Samsung, the ice maker is and has been worthless since new. We came across this unit and could not get it ordered soon enough. It works great and makes the exact type of easily chewable pellet ice we were looking for. I have been drinking much more water after having this machine which is a huge plus as well. Like many of others have voiced, it does come with water in the lines from the factory and it’s completely normal. If you read the instructions, it asks that you drain and run a cleaning on the machine before use. The drain tubes are on the back and can easily be drained into a bowl for cleaning. It runs fairly quiet and is actually quieter than I expected. I think our water cooler is actually noisier at times. The stainless steel is clean and has a nice look. I do wish they would have continued it around to the bottom half of the front but there may be reasoning for the black plastic that I’m not aware of. The bin is a bit narrow if you ask me but works. Water will drip if you don’t let it drain first before opening the bin and lifting it up a bit. Would have been nice to design the drawer to have an angled bottom to let gravity do this while it’s operating. The water refill is at the top, which prevents us from leaving it on the counter underneath a cabinet. It is a tall machine so I would recommend measuring your space before making a decision to buy. It’s an awkwardly heavy machine so I would also opt to leave it in a spot that doesn’t need shifting around. We had a storage cart not being used that worked out well for us to set it on. I do wish that it would store ice longer before melting. You will run the machine only when you need the ice. We actually just dump it in our refrigerator’s ice dispenser and it works very well! I have recommended this machine to a few friends already and we can’t wait to use it this summer at the lake house!" - Brandon

Get it from Amazon now: $299.99 & FREE Returns

Ice Maker Machine

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